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The Value of An Escort


When we talk about the value of anything, many times, we think about its cost. There is nothing wrong with that, but there are some things that cannot be calculated in monetary value. For example, the value of education is not all about the school fees paid but also the sacrifice and the student’s input. In the same way, when discussing about the value of an escort, there are many things that we can consider. Yes, many of Bogota escorts are doing well financially since they are well paid and can earn thousands of dollars per day.

You can choose to concentrate on the amount of money per session. Hiring a Bogota escort is not cheap but the sacrifice they offer you are definitely worth the cost. If it is your first time to date a Bogota escort, you might be hesitant to make that call since you’re not sure what to expect. We therefore decided to enlighten you a bit on the considerations escorts make before charging their clients. These include;

1.    Services needed

One of the most important factor Bogota escorts consider in calculating their charges are the services offered. Every service comes at a different cost and the more demanding you are, the higher the cost. For example, if one needs just a companion to a dinner party, you will pay less than one who needs other services like sex, massage etc.

2.    Class of the escort

There are different types of Bogota escorts and they also come in different classes. The higher the class, the higher the cost. For example, if you decide to hire an ordinary Bogota escort from an agency, you’ll pay less than hiring an independent Bogota escort. At the same time, an ordinary independent escort is much affordable than a VIP escort and many more.

Understanding the class of the escort you need is very important. This will not only help you determine whether you can afford her but also the amount of time you’ll spend together.

3.    The duration of your date

Another very important consideration they make is the length of your date. If you book a Bogota escort for less than a day, they are more expensive than dating her for longer hours.


The best thing about Bogota escorts is that they ensure they give you their best no matter how short your time together is. At the same time, whether you choose an ordinary escort or an elite one, the quality of services will still be the same.

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